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Established in 2019, our club emerged from a vibrant global network to combat loneliness and reignite a zest for life. We offer adults under 50 a sanctuary where diversity thrives, connections are made, and life is celebrated. Join us to experience a world of opportunities for genuine connection and personal growth.

New Experiences

Our club hosts a diverse range of events to suit every interest. Delight in interactive experiences like fajita making and suspenseful murder mystery nights. Embrace adventure with scenic group hikes and exhilarating axe throwing. Socialize at casual dinners out, vibrant costume parties, and relaxed Wing Wednesdays.

For those seeking leisure, our trivia nights, dance events and board game nights offer the perfect blend of fun and camaraderie. These activities epitomize our commitment to providing varied, engaging experiences for all our members.

Diverse and Dynamic Community

Our community's rich tapestry includes a wide range of backgrounds, professions, and perspectives, fostering an environment where every member is valued. This diversity is our cornerstone, providing a space for learning, growth, and understanding.

Eclectic and Engaging Events

Our events, ranging from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, are designed to foster connections and create lasting bonds. Each event reflects the eclectic interests of our members, offering opportunities to break the ice and build friendships.

Growth and Networking Opportunities

While we primarily offer a platform for personal development, many have made incredible professional connections. Networking happens naturally, connecting members with potential opportunities. It's a place where business meets pleasure, friendships form, and laughter is a constant.

Commitment to Community

Our club is dedicated to community involvement, with various initiatives allowing members to contribute positively. We believe in making the world brighter, one act of kindness at a time.

A Journey Together

As we grow and evolve, our vision remains clear – to be a beacon for those seeking meaningful connections. Join our journey of adventure, growth, and belonging. Reignite your passion for life and explore your full potential.

Unique, New Experiences
Male/Female Mix
Adults 25 to 35

Our History

The journey so far!


12,000 Members

Our group gets favoured by the FaceBook algo and we go from 2,000 members to 12,000 in a matter of weeks!


An Amazing Year

After a brief hiatus, we relaunch operations at full speed for a stellar November and December in 2023 and catapult into 2024.


Going Pro

We begin hosting unique, professional-grade, events out at local venues.


Journey Continues

Our club really begins to take off and we start seeing new faces every single event, well beyond the founding core crew.


First Events

Our events go live in Calgary right before COVID, and we're forced to lock down, limit event size, segregate into miniature sections of our club to keep things rolling!


New City, New Adventures

After hosting for 10 years in various cities around in BC and the world, we launch in Calgary!

Our Team

The main volunteers making this possible.

Photo of Josh Josh Founder World traveller with a passion for hosting.
Photo of Willow Willow Team Lead Member since the beginning!
Photo of Val Val Team Lead A vicious competitive spirit.
Photo of Sophia Sophia Team Lead (coming soon)
Photo of Solomon Solomon Team Lead Curious & Adventurous
Photo of Saurabh Saurabh Team Lead A Techie, Gamer, Pool shark and a Party Freak
Photo of Sabrina Sabrina Team Lead Self made entrepreneur with a passion for people.
Photo of Nida Nida Team Lead Nature Lover and Ambivert
Photo of Medhat Medhat Team Lead Enjoying my time and having fun meeting amazing people.
Photo of Maurice Maurice Team Lead Hunter & handyman extraordinare!
Photo of Jonida Jonida Team Lead Always ready for adventure!
Photo of J.F. J.F. Team Lead Ruthlessly ambitious!
Photo of Jess Jess Team Lead Passion for photography & depth seeker.
Photo of Gladys Gladys Team Lead (coming soon)
Photo of Cyn Cyn Team Lead Our bravest moderator tackling the wild and unruly Singles chat!
Photo of Brinn Brinn Team Lead (coming soon)
Photo of Amani Amani Team Lead (coming soon)
Photo of Alice Alice Team Lead Book lover and parent.
Photo of Hailie Hailie Team Lead Our event concierge and co-host tackling setup and takedown.
Photo of Suba Suba Team Lead A natural in the Rockies.
Photo of Sonia Sonia Team Lead Food and Fun Enthusiast
Photo of Kelsey Kelsey Team Lead Our music and mental health guru.