To provide clarity and insight into how we function and what drives us, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Whether you're curious about our legal status, our approach to community building, or how we utilize funds, the following FAQ aims to address these inquiries and more, offering a deeper understanding of the Adventure Calgary experience.

What makes you unique?

Our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and providing a wide range of engaging events sets us apart. We're not here based on religious motivations, business networking, or an excuse to get out for Wing Wednesday or drinks. We're more than a club; we're a community. Our events range from outdoor adventures and cultural experiences to casual dinners and special interest group activities, catering to a wide variety of interests.

Who can join?

Adults under 50 looking for friendships and shared experiences. We welcome everyone, regardless of their relationship status. For those 40 and above, we have a separate group without an upper age limit. You must have had an active social media account, with a profile picture, for at least one year. Additionally, it must contain public content with interactions that verifies you as a real person. Alternative verification methods are available for non-social media users. We do not collect and retain government-issued photo identification.

Are you a dating service?

No, our primary focus is on fostering friendships and providing social experiences. While we don’t prohibit dating among members, we offer separate chats for singles and monogamous couples for those interested. We have a very strict set of rules of conduct that must be abided by. Respectful socializing is encouraged, but unwelcome advances or explicit messages will lead to a ban.

Are you a non-profit?

Adventure Calgary is officially registered as a commercial business both in Alberta and the City of Calgary. Despite this, we adopt a not-for-profit ethos in our approach, operating with the community's benefit at heart rather than seeking financial gain. As such, we are not classified as a charitable organization, and contributions made to us are not eligible for tax deductions. Nonetheless, we ensure that any surplus revenues are allocated towards enhancing and developing our offerings.

This commitment means our primary aim is not to generate profit. Instead, we are powered by a dedicated team of volunteers who contribute their time and skills to support our mission.

Our financial strategy includes investing in marketing, expanding our team of moderators, acquiring supplies for events, and hosting increasingly significant and engaging community activities. Our goal is to continually reinvest in our mission, striving to provide the best experiences for our members and to further enrich our community.

Is there a membership fee?

No, our group operates on a not-for-profit basis, focusing on community and connection. 

How can I make professional connections within the club?

While our primary focus is social, many members find networking opportunities naturally arise through attending events and engaging with the community.

Can I promote my business within the group?

While mentioning your job is okay, direct promotions and solicitations are not allowed. We encourage joining our "Adventure Calgary for Business" group for networking or partnering with us!

How do I stay updated on upcoming events?

Events are regularly posted in our group chats and on our social media channels. Engaging with these platforms will keep you informed about our latest activities. However, the best way to stay in touch for official events is through our Events listing on

Can I get a refund for an event?

Yes, we offer refunds for eligible events, with a kindly requested notice of 7 days prior to the event date for events with ticket values below $15, and 10 business days notice for events over. This policy helps us manage the logistical and financial aspects of event planning, including handling pre-payments for venues, services, and materials necessary for a successful event. The 7-day notice period is crucial as it often aligns with the cancellation policies of our vendors and allows us the opportunity to offer your spot to other interested members, ensuring no one misses out due to a fully booked event. The amount refunded will be the total amount paid less any processing fees.

We understand plans can change, which is why we strive for flexibility. If you find you cannot attend and the timing is close, we encourage ticket transfers with our approval to accommodate your needs while maintaining the event's integrity. This approach helps us ensure the financial health of our club and the continued quality and diversity of our events, all while providing options that cater to unexpected changes in our members' schedules.

How can I host or share local events?

Check our hosting guide for detailed instructions and guidelines on organizing an event.

Can events be gender-specific or age-restricted within the club's range?

No, all events must be open to all genders and members within the 25 to 49 age group.

Can I bring my child?

This is up to the discretion of the host of the event. All minors must by accompanied by an adult 25 or older. Children are discouraged from events where adults may be drinking alcohol, or if the event size is over 20 people. Often events will have additional information in them for suitability for children.

Can I introduce myself to the group somehow?

Introduction posts or chat messages are welcome, but please keep messages meaningful and avoid spamming the same greeting across multiple areas. Include photos, and a lengthier intro to avoid being automatically flagged by our spam detection system. Messages such as "Hi" or "Hello" only are automatically removed.

What if I see offensive content or behavior?

Due to the thousands of messages and posts per day, we cannot monitor every member's activity effectively. We operate on a complaint-based system. Please report it directly to our admins via the "Report to Group Admins" option or our "Requests for Admins" group chat for swift action instead of clicking "Report to Facebook." If you do the latter, we will never see the report.