1. Age Restrictions & Not a Dating Service

    We have two separate versions of our club:

    Adventure Calgary — Social Club (Adults Under 50)
    Adventure Calgary - Adults 40s & Up

    In establishing Adventure Calgary's two distinct social clubs, we've carefully designed our age group divisions to cultivate environments that resonate best with the life stages and interests of our members. The "Adults Under 50" and "Adults 40s & Up" are thoughtfully curated to ensure that all members find the most relevant, enriching, and enjoyable experiences tailored to their age range.

    This approach enables us to foster meaningful connections, friendships, and activities that are most suitable and appealing to each group's unique preferences and lifestyle phases. Our aim is not to segregate but to enhance the social experience by aligning with the commonalities that naturally occur within these age demographics, ensuring everyone feels a strong sense of belonging and engagement within our community.

    We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation with our age guidelines, which are implemented to enhance the group experience for all members. While we do maintain a firm stance on the age groups, offering a space for those 40 and older without setting an upper age limit, we encourage our members above 50 to join the appropriate group designed to suit their preferences.

    Adventure Calgary welcomes adults of all statuses, whether partnered, single, or exploring. Our primary goal is to foster genuine friendships and connections. To accommodate diverse needs, we have created specific group chats for Monogamous Couples and Singles, aiming to enrich our community fabric. For those interested in making dating connections, we gently remind you to refer to our guidelines on direct messaging, no-contact requests, flirting, and mutual respect to ensure a positive and respectful environment for everyone.

  2. Real & Public

    You must have had social media account for at least 1 year, and have content publicly on your profile with enough likes/comments to appear like a real human. If you are not a social media person, we can authenticate your membership in other ways. Please contact us directly to validate.

    That being said, most are welcome to join our group and if you post something, it will be sent out to thousands of members. We're not here to moderate hurt feelings, so please be mindful of how you post & react.

  3. No Serious Criminal Record & Create a Safe Place

    I don’t care if you had a DUI, grew pot in the 90s or pirate movies online. But, if you have a criminal record for something like trafficking illegal street drugs, rape, assault or murder... get out!

    Notice offensive content or something that violates our rules? Click the "..." next to the post and choose "Report to Group Admins" or use our "Requests for Admins" group chat. We will be able to take action substantially faster than if you click "Report to FaceBook."

  4. We're Free, Don't Spam Us & Be Wary

    The group is a not-for-profit social club, please do not use us as a bullet-in board.

    1) You can mention your job, but we are NOT a business networking group. No asking for or posting recommendations, links, business names or saying "contact me for more info." Join our "Adventure Calgary for Business" group instead.

    2) ABSOLUTELY no buy & sell posts unless they are related to existing discussion. Tickets to our events from us CANNOT be resold; order direct from us only

    3) No polls in public chats.

  5. Don’t Be a Creep & Be a Good Person

    We're not the flirting police. DM, date & flirt with who you want. But, if someone’s making advances after you’ve clearly asked them to stop (using words/not just ignoring), we'll ban them. Ditto if they open with sending sexually explicit msgs.

    Don't be a troll: stirring up lots of drama, sharing screenshots of private conversations, mocking, bullying, humiliating, or harassing anyone on your profile (in or out of our group) will earn a suspension or ban.

  6. Keep it Relevant

    There's nothing worse than scrolling through endless messages in group chats saying "Hello," "Hello Gorgeous," "Good Morning," and "Hey."

    You are more than welcome to introduce yourself, or wish everyone has a great day, but please don't copy and paste the same message to every group chat and say a little more than "Hello."

    If participating in a themed group chat, keep the conversation on-topic.

  7. No Politics, Polarizing or Promiscuous Posts

    Avoid making posts about hot topics in society that have radically polarized views. We're here to make friends, not to piss off the other 50% of people who don't agree with your viewpoint. There's plenty of other rant/rave groups online, use those instead.

    All posts must be visually work-safe and child-safe. NSFW posts will result in a suspension or ban. If a post is provocative enough for someone to raise an eyebrow if they glance over your shoulder, it is not permitted.

  8. Club-Focused Promotion

    Sharing links to various other clubs and groups not connected to us is not permitted unless pre-approved by admins.

    If you have an idea for a sub-group you would like to start, please ask our admins and we're happy to create a group chat for the topic! For example, we have made a Book Club chat by user-request.

    Help us build an inclusive group instead of splitting it apart!

  9. No Discrimination

    Any events posted to the group must be for all genders, sexual orientations, races, etc.  Events must be open to everyone who meets the other criteria to be in this group.

    Notably, events cannot be for women or men only, or further restrict the age range beyond our existing limit. For instance, no speed dating events for 25-35 only and no guys/girls night-out posts. Keep gender out of it!

  10. Event Hosting and Sharing

    See our guide at adventurecalgary.com/about/hosting.php for a detailed breakdown.